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Michael Johnson Workin' You Hard!

Do you think you've been dead tired from dancing?  If so, then you really have no idea what dead tired means until you work with Michael Johnson.  Before major competitions, Michael sets up rounds and run-throughs for all the local competitors.  This isn't something for the faint of heart or you slackers out there.  This is meant to teach you about you, your partner, and skills needed to push yourself on the floor, as well as knowing really what it means to dance on the floor.

The rounds are set up for three nights.  Latin is danced on Monday, Ballroom on Tuesday, and he then finishes it all off with Smooth on Wednesday costing only $5 per person.  Each lasts for more than an hour and a half.  Doing even one night is a big push for people and if you do all three, you deserve an award of as much sleep as you want.  Michael makes sure you're dead by the time you're done.

"If you're not dead tired by the end of this.  If you're not giving me 100% tonight, then you probably need to look at your dancing and what you're really putting into this."
- Michael Johnson

So you think, "So what?  They're just rounds.  I can do those on a dance floor anytime."  I would then reply, "Sure, you can do that... but they're not Michaels rounds."  I recommend going to these.  Not only do I enjoy them but there was a large turn-out proving to all of you reading this that there are a lot of dancers that value what Michael is doing for the ballroom dancers here.

What is it that Michael does that makes me like them?  The dancing is almost constant in small spurts.  You're dancing for 30 or more seconds at a time constantly changing dances and taking turns in groups on the floor.  He likes to surprise you by changing up dances from what he said would play.  Sometimes he will put everyone on the floor with a personal emphasis to everyone to respect each others dancing.  It really teaches you to have an awareness of your partner and those around you.  My advise to the guys.. take care of your girls.

"These are your friends on the floor.  The judges may not know it, but you do.  Give it all you got, but be gentlemen too.  When other competitors come here to compete, they're not going to give a darn about you and will probably push right through you.  You need to know how to stand your ground."
- Michael Johnson

You work on short spurts of dancing, cheering on your partner to give it all they got, and even a little bullying on the floor (hey, you need to get used to it at least a little bit).  At the end Michael takes you through exercises to improve yourself mentally and physically, knowing the importance of understanding the emotions of the dances and your relationship to them.  By the time it's over, you're sweating and tired, but with a satisfied feeling of accomplishment.

If you're worried about when Michael Johnson does these, you don't have to.  Just "friend" him on Facebook and whenever he is going to do one, he'll post it there.  Also, word usually spreads in this gossipy ballroom community so you won't have to worry about that.  Just remember that they are usually before big competitions.

This last week, everyone enjoyed them so much that Michael will be doing them again before the BYU November Ballroom Dancesport Competition.  It will be in the same, order located at the once was "Pointe" in Lindon.  November 8-10.  Latin first, Ballroom, and then Smooth to finish it off.  Each starts at 10:00 P.M.  Be sure to go.  If you need directions, don't be afraid to ask me or anyone in the Utah dance community.  It is definitely worth your time.

Note:  Hillcrest competition is tomorrow, November 6th.  Be sure to get there and compete, even if you have to register late.  Watching is good too. :)

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